what the natural rate of hair loss in women

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Date Posted : 2011-02-01

what the natural rate of hair loss in women

Before you go to the doctor concerned about the lack of key vitamins, take a deep breath, as the hair loss is natural, especially in the autumn months, but why? If you want to know the answer Vagheroi us the following:

Everyone loses between 40 to 120 hairs a day, and that depending on the intensity of your hair and your age and the hair growth cycle, People with light hair are exposed to a high rate of loss more, and this compared with brethren and sisters of those with thick hair.

Also, hide your hair as you age progress, especially postmenopausal, or menstruation, the following are common causes of hair loss mitigation:

1 - seasonally:
Tvkadin will most of the hair in the fall and usually in November and December, and when you reach this stage of hair growth to a period of maturity.

2 - When you follow a specific diet:
The loss of hair can be caused by poor diet, we believe, according to Dr. George Cotsarelis dermatologist that iron deficiency could be the cause of hair loss and loss.

3 - Ageing:
The Marc Avram - Ph.D. in medicine and hair transplant - that as we age and shrink pores, producing tufts of hair skinnier then subsequently die, and the rate and magnitude of this process is a matter of genetics.

4 - Pregnancy:
The issue of women experience some hair loss during pregnancy, or as part of hormonal changes during the period after pregnancy, while other women Viardhan for hair loss when you use or cessation of the pill (and usually when you give them).

5 - illness or severe stress:
Hair loss occurs in many cases a result of illness, as well as can stress and weight loss, iron and thyroid problems that cause the hair loss.

Experts say that you become anxious if your hair loss has increased, where the UK has become a large part of the scalp, and in severe cases, you should consult a doctor specializing in hair loss and hair loss.

6 - Additional advice:
The woman will not face a balding men, because women's hair tends to fall on all sides, and the only treatment devoted to hair loss and unauthorized by the Food and Drug Administration is Minoxidil, which has proven its efficiency in the 60-70% of infected cases, hair loss, and the work of the improve the capacity of follicles to produce hair.


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