On the air ... You are divorced!!!

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Date Posted : 2012-06-09

On the air ... You are divorced!!!

Sheikh, my husband kept the house for days and comes smelling of smoke and odors other, Sheikh, I do not know what is it? Cursing and screaming and hitting me and not Allah, O Sheikh spent on his family and children, I Oaht neighbors and good people. Sheikh, tired and blackened in the eyes of the world does not know what to do and directed me Dzak God reward you. My daughter stay on your husband and suffering from the harm of the order of God woman is be patient with her husband and obey him and meet his orders not reluctant to him in his bed If you do that now curse her angels to become and that any woman who hurt her husband in the world but his wife said virgins can not hurt (killed you God) for he is about to have an outsider Evariqk us. So be patient and it should also be Aialk my Lord and ask God to guide him, and you make him realize that you're willing to kind treatment of him and this is not right God has guided you. • Sheikh, I am a competent married ten years ago the Crown, including the children do not complain of bad characteristic in all my problems with it that they want to work and have a trade and the work of diverse business itself has Khirtha between leaving the trade or to care for the children and sit in the house, was surprised by a message on my mobile telling me that it at the airport and traveling to follow up its work, I do not know what I do, O Shaykh Dzak God reward you. My advice to you divorced her, Vsfarha alone is reason enough for divorce, it is a matter of doubt and suspicion in morals There was a woman disobedient, engaged in trade and travel without a mahram Islam commands women to sit at home, even for obstructed blood and pus and the pus that comes out of the nose of her husband did not lead the right, the matter seriously and this is a precedent in Islam, so he divorced her .. Husband to his wife on the air «You are divorced,» .. This is advised by calling Ghazi Al Shammari husband in his radio program (Khvaya double), adding a new number to the list of divorcees and a new reason for divorce, was preceded by a farewell last advised the husband to divorce his wife because it is too much use of BlackBerry and to place the figure a secret answer was divorced because it is a cause for doubt and suspicion. These preachers away from the spirit of Islam and its teachings, even though they classified themselves reformers and advisors, have not thoroughly verse (if you fear discord between them Fabosoa judgment of his family and a judgment of the people that Lerida reform Allaah bless them), consensus interpretations that it should be sent the rule of his family and other people to be I know Bdkhilh ordered them to see and in what would please the appointment of the static and the means of restraining unfair to them and have no divorce. It gave the right for these preachers to say for couples divorced your wife in cold blood. The only sentence in the verse on the will of the reform because it is that you should be the destination of the judgments with the promise of God to reconcile them. They must consider in order the spouses due Menbosa intention to reform and not to the severity of divorce hated originally in Islam which is the most hated of permissible to God, and no means succeeded in avoiding the division between the spouses unless advised by the Quran, suspicion and mistrust Mzmoman in Islam and the Ulster less correct for a degradation. Ibn Taymiyah said: immorality is not aware of the soles should be covered and do not show it. Divorce, suffering, destruction and cons. Fear of God in our daughters, the charge is based on suspicion and misgivings and spread immorality is not Islam and purposes. Wise Mfjoon numbers of divorcees. The word divorce, how great and easy Djaltamoha Odatamoha in the mouth of the man Tatnh them (they are imperfect). Where advice and guidance, where are you from the Messenger of the nation's morals and modern fabrication, Islamic fixed value of the work of women and requires not a shame since her divorce she married Khadija, a merchant of the nation by Sir. The interview with pus and blood, it is false to the Messenger of God is not on his tongue Tcoloh Quran .. Interpretation of the meaning means that the corresponding failure clemency and forgiveness does not break it to divorce her that the woman who disobey her husband put the right degree of discipline does not mention the divorce was a mistake-Shammari and speed in his reign, Divorce was not in one day means any solution unless there is an Islamic ruling.

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Najib Issam Yamani Source

 / newspaper Okaz

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