Ideal food for the treatment of diarrhea

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Date Posted : 2012-03-09

Ideal food for the treatment of diarrhea

Diarrhea is a common problem affecting Alsgarwakabar alike. The following tips and precautions taken when duty injury diarrhea, according to her magazine.

• a lot of fluids to avoid dehydration in the body as a result of diarrhea. Advised to focus on the water, in addition to other fluids from black tea and rice soup.

• Eat white bread and dairy products instead of brown so rich in fiber, they are useful for constipation is not recommended intakes in cases of diarrhea.

• Eat apples, bananas, peel after a measure of the equator.

• Eat baked potatoes or boiled after removing the crust and eat it boiled carrots. And can be dealt with pasta.

• Eat low-fat cheese and yoghurt pasteurization. Are advised to eat yogurt for its richness of natural yeast probiotics useful in cleansing the intestines and diarrhea. It is also free of lactose found in milk and its derivatives, which increases diarrhea.

• Eat grilled or boiled chicken without skin and lean meats.

• must be increased salt in the food to make up for losing body salts from diarrhea.

• You can eat moderate amounts of sugar, but because it may increase diarrhea unit. It can of honey and jam condition not contain seeds. But it must also be addressed in small quantities.

Foods banned in the duration of diarrhea

• raw fruit and dried that, in addition to fruit juice.

• raw vegetables and boiled, boiled unity of the islands allowed in cases of diarrhea.

• grain and corn and beans.

• Ballambroz milk so rich that aggravate diarrhea.

• Nescafe coffee, green tea and they all do not fit suffers from diarrhea.

• spices.

• Special diet foods because they contain elements that cause diarrhea.

Source: Jerusalem

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