Aerobics .. Supports the transformation of stem cells into bone tissue rather than fatty

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Date Posted : 2011-05-07

Aerobics .. Supports the transformation of stem cells into bone tissue rather than fatty

Among the reasons for the additional running or going to the gym in the winter, defended the reach of science to an important new, as it turned out that it can be for sports training, it seems, to protect the bone marrow of weakness.

This idea represents the outcome of a series of recent experiments carried out by Janet Rubin, professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina, in addition to other researchers. The scientists extracted cells in the bone marrow of mice and then Astneptuha on the farm.

These cells are the stem cells of the diet are called «stem cells on meat medium» (Mesenchymal Stem Cells) are found in bone marrow in both animals and human beings waiting for signs of molecular specific recalls her transition; to either bone cells or fat cells or to other tissues.

Of course after the change of stem cell can not be something else, if turned into a fat cell fat cell will remain forever, as well as if the bones turned to a cell.

Therefore, the fate of stem cells determines the strength and quality of bone. If you turned the stem cell to fat cell will become part of the skeleton, which could have been heading cell of the bone - the most vulnerable.

In a study by researchers at the end of last year at the University of Southern California, has been work-ray magnetic resonance on the bones of the thigh of healthy adults, some in their twenties, while others exceeded the fifty-fifth.

The researchers found that the volume of fat in the bone marrow legs young and the elderly is inversely proportional to the size of the bone. The more fat in the bone, the less bone density in the thigh.

But what drives the stem cell to turn to fat cell rather than the bones of a cell?

Will do play a role in the exercisers that?

I have explained earlier experiences conducted by Clinton Rubin, the brother of Janet and director of the Center of Biotechnology at the University «Stony Brook», that the density of the bones of mice that were placed on platforms vibrates a little in experience similar to the force produced by muscle cramps during exercise, was greater than the density of the bones of mice that did not moving.

By examining the bone marrow in mice, found that the vibrations stimulated specific genes and transcription factors in turn were genetic and stem cells to switch to the bone. A similar thing happened when I worked Janet Robin directly on stem cells, although they were arranged in order to become fat cells.

For this purpose, is flooded and her colleagues in what it called «sweet soup» environment which contains insulin and other elements that stimulate stem cells to turn into fat. Janet said: «It's (ie, cells) like the transition to fat cells. Easy to urge a shift in this direction ».

An exercise cells
But when it was urged stromal stem cells with mechanical vibrations is similar to exercise, all of which did not turn to fat cells. Janet explained: «We have had mixed results significantly». Has approached the previous studies on the mechanical signals from the huge form of an exercise of the fast cells. The vibrations were applied twice a day less in size, interspersed with a break for several hours.

But did not turn to fat stem cells, although the cellular environment was saturated fat. Janet then came up doubts in the presence of biological role of complex chemical signals in the response of stem cells for the diet based on double dose, which is currently completed trials, which hopes to clarify the mechanisms for this.

Nevertheless, the results of the impacts and realistic convincing, Janet says that if he were not want to bone marrow fat and bone is strong, consider doing some moderate exercise training on the intervals of the day.

Vjanet itself to do some exercise twice a day, each lasts thirty minutes, while she was in the past carried out once for a full hour, and says: «For the first time in my career change is what I do in the laboratory of the way my performance on the exercises».

But there are still many questions, it is not clear yet whether the fat cells that secrete remain in the bone marrow in the bone or stored in a place like the thigh.

Also is not known how the exercises affect the stem cells found outside the bone marrow, can she prevent the formation of fat cells throughout the body?

In experiments conducted by Clinton Rubin in rats, fat was formed within the bodies of mice exposed to less jitter of fat within the other mice, but the reasons behind this are unknown.

But the only lesson that does not debate it, according to Janet, is not to sit for more than you need and do not let your children become lazy. Janet explained, saying: «of the concerns raised by these experiments is that the composition of fat cells in the small one loses any chance of turning a cell to cell bones». She added that the fat cells will remain the same throughout your life.

Source: Journal «New York Times»

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