Leek .. Studies prove its effect against bacteria

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Leek .. Studies prove its effect against bacteria

Shallot herb farm almost taste the taste of onions from the onion-like in shape and what it is like garlic, is known by several names such as chairs, earring, kicked, and wild leeks called "Taitan." In the Sham Vismon leek small head Brasp. Shallot known scientifically as Allium Porrum of the platoon irrigated with sewage water.

Original home of the leek in southern Europe and now grown in most countries of the world. User segment of the leek all its parts including the roots. Contents chemical contains shallots several vitamins of the most important vitamins A, B, C, also contains proteins and sugars, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, manganese, iron and sulfur and chlorine and silicon.

What did he say about ancient medicine? Have mentioned leek in an ancient papyrus paper dating back to the family of five.

Leek was found in the tombs of ancient Roman has been suggested as the historian, "Blaine" The Roman Emperor "Nero" was allocated one day each month to address the leek, in order to improve his voice.

It also tells that the Pharaoh "shops" rewarded a hundred magicians grain of leek. The Greek philosopher "Aristotle" was due into force of the Partridge voice and strength to eating leeks.

The Greek father of medicine Hippocrates said that the leek diurese and unrelenting stomach and stop burping, and cures of tuberculosis, infertility and breast-feeding and milk yield cures colic and bleeding nose, cuts and eliminate the bottleneck of the uterus.

He told him David of Antioch "benefit from asthma and chest pain, cough, especially if cooked in a malt drink and irritates intercourse and sexual power (seeds) and removes hemorrhoids dressings patience, demonstrate the freckles and warts paint with honey."

He said the Ibn Sina: "Leek Shami go warts and pimples and eat sour gums and teeth and eye-harm and leek Nabati benefit hemorrhoids boiled meat and dressings and stir Beh surgery and placed on the bloody cut off further blood and melodies owners use it to filter their voices."

What did he say about modern medicine? Is a leek in the medical impact comparable to the effect of peptic and onion is expectorant (expectorant), rain (laxative) and a diuretic and anthelmintic.

Research has shown that it has the opposite effect of the bacteria, particularly against type Stafillocox Urs positive and Gram negative.

According to some studies that the leek reduce obesity .. The leek is used externally as used Gsola juice with milk for the face to remove the red spots and rashes .. Pulp and juice with sugar and wheat used for a few pumps on the surgery and for boils and cured by the output of the pus.

The boiled leaves leek benefit sterile and antiseptic for wounds. To remove the pain of insect bites rubbed place Nip Erat.

1 - To be sure, these vegetables strengthen the natural defense threatened attacks quarterly or germ because it gives us vitamin D (b) an element of balance and vitamin D (c) precious to resist infection and the fatigue.

2 - The service provided for the leek to humans is in the digestive system, it is a future, and as such we find it fresh in the books of medicine with its history dating back to several centuries.

It is easy to digest, if making soup it was able to accept more sensitive stomach and digest them without causing any arrest such as that shown towards other foods.

Moreover, it relieves the stomach and stimulated, and Achtmarh facilitate the process of digestion and absorption. What it contains sulfur Viquaom fermentation of Mucor.

3 - The wood sugars, which are frequently in the leeks, and Alsllowes they shall clean the bowel cleaning comprehensive element first sweep while it is in the intestine all have failed where the waste products of food, while working the second element in Trha out, and here nail leeks fame - which does not in doubt - as Melina nice and natural.

4 - The virtues of the leek do not stop here - it is resistant to anemia because what it contains iron active breeding and the work of red blood cells.

It strengthens bones and skin, thanks to that includes lime and limestone, it activates the nervous system, including loads of Mgnezizm.

النقرس( داء الملوك ) والتهابات الكلى والمثانة والسمنة لأن ما يحتوي عليه من خلاصة الـ sulfo-azotee يضعه في مصاف افضل مدرات البول التي وضعها الله في الطبيعة بتصرفنا.">5 - and leek described in atherosclerosis and Romatesma and gout (disease of kings) and inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, obesity, because what it contains a summary of the sulfo-azotee put him in the ranks of the best diuretics which God has placed in nature at our disposal.

6 - and sang a leek alkaline salts so much so that some researchers do not hesitate to say that Erat treatment no less useful for water therapy (Vichy) metal.

7 - The most important feature in the leek is that it provides us in the winter, an indispensable element of rarity in the cold months, namely, chlorophyll.

Has shown that scientific research or the paper, this laboratory biochemical huge fueled by light, have a biological value of high, one hand, they provide the elements in the evolution of breeding that is, they are more easily absorbed, and the chlorophyll is, on the other hand, activated with an effective exchange of food, it should be facilitated the use of materials ingested, and that, at the same time, tonic to the ability of the heart muscle.

8 - Beware of waste material on such Value: Keep always leaves green leek, and if you are one of the owners of gardens, may be said that farmers, who are satisfied, motivated by the economy or of wisdom, cut off leaves leek for making soup or uproot leeks whole, unless when they want to cook dish from or if Mhah about to emerge.

Leek analysis found that the percent gram it contains:
1 - a high proportion of mineral salts and vitamins, is subject to 90% of its weight of water.

2 - and has 1 gram protein.

3 - and about 5 grams of sugar.

4 - and many of the useful salts for the body.

If mixing with leek juice of wheat flour and added to it, a little sugar and put on boils and abscesses helped in the maturation and opening.

- Knead the amount of fresh shallots with the amount of the original honey and eaten in the morning on an empty stomach for three days, it eliminates the most difficult types of cough and cleanses the trachea and improves the sound.
- Useful fresh leeks and boiled and soaked and if Hurst roots and mix with milk helped in the eradication of intestinal worms, and rub the place mosquito bite of insects and vermin little paper cut leek pain.

- To limit the amount of urine treated Bslq of the leek with the addition of the amount of olive oil and leeks boiled out and placed under warm the lower abdomen over the bladder and in particular it helps to lift the blockade, and diuresis after a short time.

- If fresh leek juice blend with the amount of fresh milk and painted by the skin of the face still red spots, which usually affects infants, it also helps to remove freckles and skin rash in adolescents.


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