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It is the most prevalent cause of disability in people under age 45.

It could be acute and chronic. Acute pain has a sudden onset and can be caused by trauma, arthritis, fractures, infections and some diseases such as cancer. Chronic back pain lasts for months without relief and has different causes.

Causes of back pain:

 Mechanical Disorders such as an intervertebral disc, a ligament or a joint damage.

 Inflammatory and Infectious Disorders such as TB

 Tumors such as cancers.

 Trauma to bony elements, soft tissues and or neurological structures.

Most back pain disappears within the first 72 hours by self treatment but

You should see the doctor, if the back pain:

 Worse when cough or sneeze

 Associated with weakness, numbness radiated to one or both legs

 Accompanied by loss of control of urination or have a bowel movement

 Is associated with abdominal pain or unexplained weight loss

 Is the result of a trauma to your back

Sciatica occurs when a disc compresses one of the contributing roots of the sciatic nerve. The most common symptom is posterior thigh radiates beyond the knee, lower leg or foot pain that can be much worse than the back pain itself which could be completely disappear. Standing, sitting, heavy lifting, sneezing, or having a bowel movement may aggravate the pain. Lying down is usually the most comfortable position. It is very important to distinguish between radicular pain, which is caused by an inflamed nerve root, and referred pain, which is a result of a musculoskeletal sprain or strain.


Many patients will recover spontaneously. Drugs such as muscle relaxants may relieve mild to moderate back pain. When pain doesn't respond to simpler measures, Physical therapy such as applications of heat or cold (apply ice bag for 20 minutes at a time, then the same for heat). or electrical stimulation (i.e. TENS) may relieve back pain caused by muscle spasms. Exercise program increases the flexibility, strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, and improves the posture. It should be incorporated into an overall program of aerobic conditioning such as walking, bike riding, swimming, or jogging. Use a brace or corset for short periods or during back-straining activities.


Exercise. An Aerobic activities such as walking, swimming or biking.

Stop smoking. Smoking diminished oxygen levels in the spinal tissues,

Maintain a healthy weight

Keep the standing, sitting, lifting and sleeping in good positions.

Alternative medicine

Some people chose alternative therapies such as Chiropractic care and Acupuncture for relief of back pain. Many osteopathic doctors and some physical therapists have training in spinal manipulation.

I treat my patients by combination of alternative and traditional medicine, using laser instead of acupuncture in addition to special diet and vitamins. I developed new method to reduce the treatment sessions from 12 to 1 session So most of my patients could be treated by one session only but some patients need two or three sessions in maximum. Picture shows how the patients before and after applying new method.

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