Parsley for the treatment of urinary tract problems

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Date Posted : 2011-02-27

Parsley for the treatment of urinary tract problems

Of the parsley plant are many benefits to most of the organs of the body, but most benefits are limited to securities, it contains many of the flavonoid compounds, and contains a high amount of vitamin (c) that there is a greater proportion than is found in lemons. Of the most important benefits to the treatment of urinary tract infections, urinary tract, and was a specialist in the treatment plants, British John Parkinson, wrote in one of his books that he used in the preparation of parsley roots and in particular for the treatment of the British Queen in 1629, of inflammation of the urinary tract.

Attribute the medicine's ability parsley to combat these infections to the existence of elements of a sterile and anti-bacteria which, where doctors herbs traditional use leaf parsley mashed in compresses to treat insect bites, bruises, cuts, cracked skin, itching, and came in a review conducted by the International Journal of Urology in 2002 for studies several conducted on animals that the roots of parsley promote urinary discharges a property makes it an excellent natural remedy in the case of the suffering of the symptoms of premenstrual.

To treat urinary tract infections are advised specialists in herbal medicine eating 3 cups a day of infusion of leaves and roots of parsley on a regular basis.


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