On rose petals

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Date Posted : 2011-02-12

On rose petals

彡 to every desperate ◦ ◦
Lost your hope and tear you to dream?
Aspirations and sank in the ocean is impossible?
Will not return to you a smile ..
Only after the sun rises every day with new hope ..
Leave and return to the command of its Lord, but ..
And not like a candle, which, if melted would not return

彡 to each poor ◦ ◦
I'm not poor, if I realize that the more rich ..
Ihsdk the happiness sought between money and a smile ..
Edery where to find them in the midst of life.

All absent 彡 ◦
Waiting for you there is no overlooking the absence ..
Despite being away and you do not lose ..
How can you lose and in our hearts.

彡 All catty ◦ ◦
You Athakd only on yourself because you are penalized ..
And kill without feeling your heart ..
It is your heart do not be the cause of his death ..

To all the loving ◦ ◦
Love is the emitting colors of flowers ..
, And magnificence of the universe filled with tender and if they love ..

You 彡 ◦ ◦
Meanings of these characters you want planted in your hearts ..
Aifrhawwa Life is too short to live in groans ..
Concerns and does not take you to where the lost joy ..
And rob the smile and bring Alaaahat ..

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