Hostility between the sisters .. What causes it?

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Date Posted : 2011-02-06

Hostility between the sisters .. What causes it?

• women speak about each other .. Tantkdn Celebrity .. Tgren from their colleagues in the work ..
• ALEX BILMES wonder why you did not Alastelataf among women and some of them .. Explaining these reasons are as follows ..

Women tired ... Or may be you can say your own words they are different to men much; has Itzmn aggressiveness, violence and cruelty towards other women sometimes. Women may hate women sometimes even if it had not been matched by the Thmtha only in that she is a woman successful in her career, or they are more attractive or more famous; If you are of this type, when you Taatcefhin a magazine and you see a celebrity, you Tantkadinha as very thin, or they are very fat, and may even be that your Thajmy some other women for their husbands, and feel sorry for a woman to lose weight and become the most beautiful you.

Men do not do such things, but you may hear, of course, in some times men verbally insulting each other anomalies such as: football players, or some rival politicians, men in general prefer the celebrations, and women do not.

Actress Sienna Miller, for example did not take of who deserves as an actress, as I knew Lily Allen star Bob famous; but both face "danger" of hatred, envy, criticism subjective, and sometimes may suffer from flirting unethical by women who may feel tension and jealousy of a male their names.

Some may wonder about the reason for stopping at Sienna, Lily or Madonna and that they face sharp criticism for being hysterical, in addition to Winslet Kate which has drawn criticism because many of the flow of passion, and it is very sensitive, and Push Spice, which some criticized for being skinny.

Will not receive any cash from the woman; For example, if your colleague mentioned in Vstantkadinha studied yoga, saying that it slut, and if you mention help you work Stcolin it imposes itself on others, and if you mention your girlfriend will be close to you say they are fat too.

I tried all the lady I talked with them about it to defend itself, but they eventually admitted that they were challenged others in the back despite not knowing them. Says a friend: "Whenever I saw a woman and a self-confident, and wears a dress, a beautiful show her beauty the first thing I think about you I hate? May be due to the lack of a sense of security; In some cases, may hate a person someone else just because it make him feel that in the rank lower than ".

Says another woman, "My friend and I always sleep, and talk a lot about Kate Winslet and friends of others to us; where we talk about habits in the shopping and the way their wearing of clothes, as well as for their actions, the was pretty let God in Onha, but were not pretty let God in Onha more and more ".

May not be surprising that the characteristics of women who Ihsdn other women do not differ from those women who Baangarhn and envious.

Says one woman about her friend: "She is beautiful, it's clever, it's fun and everybody wants it, have a lot of money ... I do not understand ....."

There are a lot of common things that men talk about among themselves, but to be more accurate to say that men do not feel jealous with each other except for a few specific reasons. And rarely men feel jealous of the other men merely because the owner has a hair silk, or it is handsome and has good strength; rarely have the appearance is the real reason behind the men jealous of each other.

Men usually criticize some of them are legitimate and objective, and for good reason and clear .. The man criticizes another person in his clothes and his lifestyle, or to increase the weight but are more like jokes than contempt.

I think that men are rarely what they judge each other unfairly, do not they talk and gossip about each other, but the jokes and Gravity are my gun man in his social life, it may not be men more complicated unlike women, not polluted the minds of those articles female Published in sections: Women in the newspapers, and forums on women's web pages, in addition to the gossip magazines for girls and confined to only that indicated the extent of hostility and hatred between the women each other.

One colleague says: "We have asked us to criticize other women through the television and the Internet, not having taken advantage of our sense of our confidence in ourselves, and not feeling safe and Cjona to join them."

Maybe there is something new in the hysteria sweeping the television programs in women's programs, but it is clear that there is an increase in the percentage of instincts bad for women significantly; women may linger on to my knees the other woman a sense of envy, but at the same time will not buy magazine talking about the legitimacy of this act.

On the web pages you can find the most forms of criticism by women for women through chat rooms where access is not known aliases, a command, which shows how hatred of some women for others.

As the pages of daily newspapers and through the columns of opinion writers who spread the truth their opinions in their own names, often Vtgdan no different from those who practice insult against each other through the Internet.

Rachida Dati, French Minister of Justice when she returned at the beginning of this year to exercise its work after only five days and placed her newborn baby, and expected to receive support from other women, but they Skharen them!!! ; Has published The Telegraph (The Daily Telegraph) a comment to a journalist saying that "Rachida Dati were more women controversial among women, where the reduction of the extent of women's lives, and she wanted to change the pattern of the exercise of her career, this is something which indicates a state of weakness, not strength. " , Said a press other than in the Daily Mail (Daily Mail): "I have Kzltina all .. I've Bkhiantna all."

On the other hand criticized Allison Pearson - Another journalist famous - many famous women through her column in the newspaper (Daily Mail), as described Kelly Brook Balgbep, and Cherly Cole stick celery meager, as described Kerry Katona Bmdinmp drug in addition to lots and lots of them, When I asked Pearson about the reason for the feet of writers journalists to criticize other women in Ktapthn journalist sent me an email stating that she was critical of the men, like women, it also supports women and women's issues through her writing press in her column the newspaper, but in the end admitted that they were fired some unfriendly remarks from time to time to some women.

She said, "I actually agree with you on the point of treatment" Toxic "by dealing with some young women and to share the curiosity and wonder, what happens?! And I have already criticized the women more than critical of the man perhaps because I expect a lot of women, more than I expect from the man ..

Is even possible that once you wander around the offices and gates, schools can ensure that the tips and press criticism of the writer Pearson is only part of the culture of feminine culture just like buying shoes ..

Says a friend of mine works full time and have a little girl, "the school gates is somewhat toxic, I feel that more than 100 pairs of eyes staring at my back and issue a ruling on my appearance and the story of my hair" .. And she admits, "I know I am not the best of them, I'm guilty like them, I do the same thing, where the judge every morning from Okabhin, we women feel jealous when we see others have what we do not have but we can not admit it openly, so let's hatred for each other" .

Decomposition of psychotherapy Susie Orbach, author of "FAT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE" self-hatred as one the main reasons behind women feeling low that attaches saying that "an effective way to get rid of this feeling (self-loathing) is to find another woman she hates her and pour out Jam anger "..

Says LILY ALLEN, which has become famous at the age of 20 "I am guilty of this sin, where you insulted the other for a long time and I was issued my views critical to both read about in the press, but Ptholi to a celebrity and newspapers began to write about me, I noticed that what was written about me is not the basis of his health and then felt guilty and I knew I wrong in judging celebrities through my reading about them in newspapers and magazines "..

Consistent LILY Ali that women concentrate on each other in unhealthy as concentrate on the consideration on the bodies of each other, she adds, "When you're not famous and I was sitting in some public places you see every woman entering a closer look from top to bottom and I evaluated in my mind, The assessment was through the external appearance did not only care for the way you speak or act by you only focus on weight, but I do not do it now and not why I became thinner, but I became happier "..

And stresses LILY "The second fact and clear is that there is fierce competition among women, and women's worst fear is to be replaced by another that is smaller or the most beautiful of them."

PEARSON and agree with this view and emphasizes the saying "There is no room for women on the top, not the women support each other, something must also be observed in the media .. and also work" ..

There is nothing new in these facts and perhaps concluded Darwin that women Itsaran with each other because there is a kind of genes, and I feel an increase of quality in the rate of violence in the dialogue between the women each other and Mhadthathn daily in the media on women and women is something that some say it is a kind of non- belonging and others say he was "rude or impolite" ..

I agree with psychotherapy ORBACH, where I believe that women's sense of helplessness and powerlessness to be paid do not store these feelings inside, which paid to them out in the form of criticism of others ..

I have to sisters that Ertbtun with each other and support each other and one of them and some of them were encouraged and should not be tearing them to pieces some of them ..

Since when was the femininity means of derision instead of a smile?! You know it is not as good.

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